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BIOEMTECH – CTRMS 2019 Conference in Lesvos, Greece

BIOEMTECH – EMIM 2018 conference in San Sebastián, Spain

BIOEMTECH – 24th Interdisciplinary Conference of Radiology (November 2019) in Patras, Greece 

Leitat- 2019 Euronanoforum, 12-14 June 2019, Bucharest, Romania

Leitat – European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine & Scientific conference ENM, 17-19 June 2019, Braga Portugal

RIVM – 24 Month Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom


BIOEMTECH – nTRACK Open Day, 30 October 2019, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Leitat – XVII International Symposium CEMTRO clinics, 16 November 2018, Madrid

Leitat – 10th Edition Barça Sports Medicine Conference, 6 October 2018, Barcelona

MJR Pharmjet – nTRACK Open Day, 30 Ocotber 2019, Cambridge United Kindgom

Leitat – ETPN2020 Virtual Event – October 2020


Pluristem – Trimodal Nanoparticle Contrast Agent for CT, MRI and SPECT Imaging

VHIR – Modelling the skeletal muscle injuryrecovery usingin vivocontrast-enhancedmicro-CT: a proof-of-concept study in a ratmodel

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